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MTOA is a member of the coalition for Boaters' Rights that includes AGLCA, SSCA and DeFever Cruisers.  As a member, we became aware of the issues facing boaters during this 2019 Legislative session and decided to enlist the services of Lobbyist Jerry Paul.   Jerry Paul lobbied for us in 2017 and succeeded in defending boaters’ rights for anchoring in Florida.

MTOA is once again joining our coalition members (AGLCA, DeFever Cruisers, SSCA) in a fundraising campaign for 2020.  $8000 remains in coalition funds from last year’s efforts.  The coalition’s goal for this year is $20,000.   The MTOA website is set up for donations to go directly into MTOA’s Boater’s Rights account to be transferred to the coalition account periodically.


Kim Russo, AGCLA, who represents our coalition, has supported Boaters’ Rights in various places in the past 12 months.  A few efforts on your behalf are:

  • Helped prevent additional Florida municipalities from being added to the “anchoring restriction zones” where overnight anchoring is prohibited
  • Helped prevent boaters from needing a permit to anchor in waterways in Georgia
  • Provided feedback at a meeting of the “Reimagine the Erie Canal” task force subcommittee

The largest single cost for our advocacy efforts is retaining a lobbyist in Florida, where each year, municipalities lobby the legislature to ban overnight anchoring in their waters.  Our ultimate goal is to reach a compromise with those in Florida who want to limit the right to anchor so that we’re not forced to raise big dollars to fight this year after year.  We are making progress, but we’re not there yet, and more cities are already gearing up to be added to the list during the 2020 legislative session.

As someone said, “freedom isn’t free.”  Your donations will help assure that all boaters may enjoy unrestricted, responsible use of public waterways. Please support our fund-raising effort so MTOA and our partner organizations can obtain the professional help needed to win.