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MTOA is a member of the coalition for Boaters' Rights that includes AGLCA, SSCA and DeFever Cruisers.  As a member, we became aware of the issues facing boaters during this 2019 Legislative session and decided to enlist the services of Lobbyist Jerry Paul.   Jerry Paul lobbied for us in 2017 and succeeded in defending boaters’ rights for anchoring in Florida.

In 2017, we polled our membership and took part in a successful fundraiser.  At each BOD meeting, Public Advocacy was on the agenda.  Mike Bodin has kept the membership informed with his articles in Turtle Times.  At our April BOD meeting we passed a motion that MTOA shall continue to participate with other boating organizations in support of Boaters’ Rights in Florida, said participation to consist primarily of publicity and fund raising.  No treasury funds will be used without prior approval of the BOD

Our prior surveys showed the membership is strongly supportive of MTOA’s activity in defense of boaters’ rights.  At the recent Southern Rendezvous, Phil Lowe collected almost $800 in cash for our Boater’ Rights Fund, indicating strong support by the members present.

The coalition participants have about $11,000 remaining from the last fundraiser and rendezvous contributions.  We will need approximately $20,000 in contributions this time around.  Excess funds, if any, will be held for Boater’s Rights Advocacy.

As someone said, “freedom isn’t free.”  Your donations will help assure that all boaters may enjoy unrestricted, responsible use of public waterways. Please support our fund-raising effort so MTOA and our partner organizations can obtain the professional help needed to win.