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2019 National Rendezvous

       At only $150 per person*              

  • Outstanding Industry Speakers
  • Exhibitors & Demonstrations
  • 4 Socials w/beer, wine & appetizers
  • Two Dinners/one with a Live Band
  • One full Buffet Breakfast
  • Beverages & snack All Day
  • One Traditional Hot Dog Luncheon
  • Members Flea Market
  • Socializing with New & Old Friends
  • Opportunity to Visit Members Boats
  • Reduced Marina & Hotel Rate

            *new Members get a 10% discount with coupon on Welcome Email

Click here to Register:  
National Rendezvous - 4/29/2019

Step by Step Sign Up

  1. Go to the website home page and click on the rendezvous announcement picture.
  2. You will see the “flyer” page .scroll to the bottom and click on “click here to register”.
  3. Now you will be on the event view page where the program schedule, cancellation policy and activities are listed.
  4. Click on activities drop down arrow to see the rendezvous pricing and information on the Ladies Luncheon.The Luncheon is considered a separate activity as it has an additional cost to those planning to attend.
  5. After reviewing the event information, scroll back to the top of the page to click “register now” on the upper right side.
  6. On the first page you will want to click on “sign up self”The member who is logged into the account will then be on the registration.
  7. If only one is attending,click on “me only” then click on the first option then hit next. If two of you, then click on “me +” then click next.
  8. On the top of the following page you need to type in the last name of the additional person attending and hit search.If more than one person with the same last name appears, you will need to click on the correct name for the person being added to the registration and the click “Select” below this section.
  9. The above action will take you back to the Event Registration and you will click next.If only one person is registering, then you will skip number 8 and go directly to number 9 when you click next on the number 7 instruction above.
  10. Then you will be at the Activities and it will default to “National Rendezvous$140” for the first member and then the question about the Ladies Luncheon.If that member is attending the Luncheon click on it, if not, leave it blank.
  11. The second members name and the “National Rendezvous

    $140 will be marked and will have the same question about the

    Ladies Luncheon.  If that member is attending the Ladies Luncheon, then click on it and then hit next. DO NOT TRY TO PAY AT THIS POINT.

  12. You MUST then proceed to the Additional Information.You cannot skip this section, or you will not be able to complete the registration. Type the dashes – when entering phone numbers.

    Do not enter + 4 on your zip code.  

  13. This section starts with questions for the combined registration.After all those questions are answered you will then proceed to the section where they are 6 questions for each person registered.
  14. Make sure that you answer every question that has a red Dot next to it or you will not be able to complete the registration process and will receive an error message.
  15. The hotel information Is long due to the different way that you need to handle registration for each hotel to get the



912-265-7725, PRESS OPTION 5.      If you are not staying in a hotel you may skip this question and go to the  and click on NO.


  1. Campground information is simply to help those coming by RV.We were unable to get a discount.In fact, the spots are very limited that time of year and fill up quickly, so you should make your reservations very soon if you are planning to camp for this Rendezvous.There are NO camping spaces at the Marina site.If not staying at the campground, just scroll to the bottom and answer NO.
  2. This question is regarding the Green Ribbon Visitation.If you are willing to open your boat to other, you MUST sign up during registration.
  3. A very important question for all attending regarding “Lunch on board”.Please read this part carefully and you MUST answer YES or NO even if you are NOT coming by board.This section explains how the selection process for those who might be invited to Lunch on Board works in addition to those who are willing to host.
  4. The last question in this section is if you are “arriving by Boat”.A YES or NO is required for this question.Additionally, if your answer is YES, be sure that you answered ALL the questions above it regarding your boat.Please enter your boat name evenif not coming by boat as we do include it on your name badge.These questionscould not be required(red dot) as they only apply to those coming by boat.All boat reservations will be processed by the Chairs during the time period prior to the Rendezvous.PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE MARINA.If you have a question, there is a comment area.If you have a special consideration, there is also a question where you enter it. We cannot make any promises regarding to special considerations as the Marina does the slip assignments.Your request will be submitted to the marina who said they will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your request. DO NOT CALL THE MARINA WITH ANY TYPE OF CHANGES,CONTACT

    The note at the bottom of this question regarding the 4% credit card surcharge is something that the marina charges at the time you arrive.  We have no control over this and just wanted to pass the information on to you, so you would not be shocked when you arrived.  MTOA does not charge a surcharge for paying

    by credit card – full instructions on how to pay will be at the bottom. 

    20.After you have completed the boat question you may hit next and proceed to the questions that are per person.

  1. The next 6 question are for the first registered member and all MUST be answered. If only one member is registering,you can hit next IF you have first scrolled back to the top and made sure there were NO pink highlighted areas due to incomplete answers. be sure and complete those questions before you hit next or you will get an error message. If you get an error message you will need to go back to the previous page to answer the questions again before you can click the “ next” and be able to confirm your registration and pay.The question about Committee must be answered, we can not place everyone where they would like to be as we have to make sure there are enough on each committee to get the job done and not more than are needed in other areas.Therefore, please do not get upset if you do not get placed where you requested.We will put those who state “anywhere needed” are the only guaranteed request.
  2. The next 6 question are for the second registered member if there is a second member. All MUST also be answered.Please follow the same steps listed about to double check your answers before hitting “ next”.
  3. Payment instructions:If you want to pay by Check, Make check payable to MTOA and mail asap to:

    Deana Martino
    1351 Bayshore Drive 101

    Fort Pierce, FL 34949

PayPal Payment  For instructions to pay by credit cared please click here.